The Willem de Kooning Foundation

790 Madison Avenue Room 303 New York NY 10065
Tel 212 794 3401 Fax 212 794 3404

The Willem de Kooning Foundation website will be on-line soon, with both information about the artist and the Foundation's programs. In the meantime:

Should you need information about using reproductions of artworks by Willem de Kooning, please contact the Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, at 212.420.9160 or visit its website at ARS represents the Foundation with regard to copyright on all works by Willem de Kooning.

Should you require information about a work in your possession by Willem de Kooning, or which you think might be by de Kooning, please be advised that the Foundation does not authenticate works of art. Accordingly, we do not issue certificates or otherwise provide assistance in connection with authentication requests. Once a catalogue raisonné project is established, owners will be welcome to submit work(s) under whatever procedures are established for doing so at such time. Our website will be the source for any announcement on this subject. You may wish to consult the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) website,, for general information on the subject of authentication.

Thank you for your interest in Willem de Kooning's work. We look forward to sharing our complete website with you soon.